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Welcome to the website of the European Underwater and Baromedical Society !

The EUBS is the European scientific society dedicated to the study and promotion of diving and hyperbaric medicine, a fascinating but all too little known field of medicine.
This website is intended to provide you with information on the goals and activities of our Society. You will find information on our Annual Scientific Meeting, as well as reprints of the Society’s Journal. This site is updated on a regular basis, so check it out from time to time.

  • DHM Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal: The September 2019 issue of our scientific journal, Volume 49(3), is available online ! As usual, this issue will be embargoed for the duration of one year from public access and is only accessible to EUBS (and SPUMS) members, by logging in to their Membership Pages on the EUBS website. Those members who have selected the “print service” option will receive a paper copy of this issue in their mailbox within the next week or so; however, please remember that the electronic journal is the only official journal copy and offers significant interactive features (hyperlinks to references, supplemental scientific material,…) that are not available in print. After the one-year embargo, the journal is available for viewing and for downloading in PDF format, free of charge, on the DHM website
  • EUBS2019 Annual Scientific Meeting: As our Annual Scientific Meeting (this year themed: Hyperbaric Medicine and the Brain) in Israel, in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, has come to a close, EUBS would like to extend their thanks to the local organisers for an excellently run, interesting and fun meeting. It has proven yet again that face-to-face encounters and discussions are a vital ingredient of advancing knowledge and understanding in such a small community as hyperbaric and diving medicine. It is good to see so many of our colleagues and friends have participated in our annual meeting. EUBS members can download the “EUBS2019 Abstract and Conference Book” from their membership pages as of now – all others will have to wait one year. 
  • EUBS Elections: As every year, the EUBS has renewed part of it’s Executive Committee, and this year a new Member at Large was elected, to serve a three-year term on the ExCom. We welcome Dr Gerardo “Dino” Bosco, Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedical Sciences at University of Padua, Italy, on the board, and thank Dr Bengusu Mirasoglu for her contributions and valuable input duriing her term as Member at Large 2016-2019. “Bengu” will continue to be involved in EUBS as caretaker of Social Media, so she will not be out of the picture – luckily !
  • EUBS membership: Please see the Membership Application page. You can renew online by accessing your membership pages from this website, for at least one year after your “drop out”. If you cannot access your membership pages (anymore) to renew, please send us an e-mail, we’ll be happy to restore your account.
  • Events, courses and announcements: check out our Courses and Events page for updated information and new events for the coming year 2019. All info and links can be found here !

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