Baltic International Symposium on Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine

31/05/2018 – 02/06/2018 all-day
Hotel Nadmorsky
Juliana Ejsmonda 2
81-001 Gdynia
Darek Zdzieszyński - MCC Consulting Ltd
+48 604203244

The first Baltic International Symposium on Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine will take place in
Gdynia, Poland, from 31st May to 2nd June 2018. Specifically aimed at professionals in the field, it
will provide advanced and up-to- date knowledge, in the form of two days of lectures on Diving &
Hyperbaric Medicine with pre-symposium workshops. Lectures will be given by carefully chosen
experts in the field, many of whom are EUBS members and executives. The National Centre for
Hyperbaric Medicine in Gdynia is responsible for preparation of the scientific program. The

The symposium will be held in the Hotel Nadmorski, located in one of the most spectacular places in
Gdynia, Poland, just at the sea-side of the Baltic Sea.