Bühlmann Symposium

29/03/2019 – 30/03/2019 all-day
Universitätsspital Zürich
Gloriastrasse 29 8006 Zürich
Swiss Underwater and Hyperbaric Medical Society
+41 32 653 85 46

25 years ago, A.A. Bühlmann passed away. For this reason the Swiss Underwater and Hyperbaric Medical Society (SUHMS) and the Historical Hyperbaric Chamber Zurich Association (DKL-USZ) are offering an extraordinary memorial symposium to all interested divers and physicians with a series of interesting lectures.

Among others, Thomas Bühlmann, A.A. Bühlmann’s son, who is engaged in historical research about his father’s diving medical work from 1959 to 1994, will present a report about this period. In addition, there will be a unique opportunity to visit the remains of the former Hyperbaric Chamber Laboratory with a guided tour.

Download the flyer here.