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** Next issue of DHM in the mail !

The September 2017 issue of DHM has been mailed out to all “paper” subscribers and is available in PDF format in your Members Area ! The previous issues of the DHM Journal can be accessed from this page (note that for one year after publication, access is restricted to EUBS members).

** Open Letter to American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association has made clear their intention on releasing a Professional Practice Committee statement, recommeding against the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in diabetic wounds. “The PPC reviewed the available data on the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in 2016 and did not identify enough supporting data on …


The “Members Area” section of the EUBS Website provides you with the following benefits: access to your own membership data and membership status access to the current issues of DHM possibility to renew your membership with a few mouse-clicks browsing the EUBS Membership Directory (who is who, and how to contact …

PHYPODE “The Science of Diving” also as e-book !

The PHYPODE book “The Science of Diving” is available for purchase online as an updated e-book on Amazon (use this link to access directly the e-book “Diving Deeper into SCUBA…science”), or as hardcopy book (Amazon through this link, or through this link). Apart from being a must-read overview of recent diving medicine …

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Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal

The full DHM Journal, in electronic form, can be viewed from the Members Area section of this website. Also, visit the Journal Website ( for all information and submission of your own contribution ! All previous issues of DHM are available in the public domain after the embargo period. They …