The OXYNET Database of Hyperbaric Centers in Europe, formerly hosted within the OXYNET website, is now being listed on this page (a result of the collaboration between ECHM (who ‘owns’ the OXYNET) and EUBS.

This section lists all hyperbaric centers in Europe (or should…), and provides for each a standard information page, as well as links to the website, if existing. HBO Centers are only listed when they request this themselves. Please note that OXYNET, EUBS, nor ECHM accept responsibility for the quality of care provided in these centers. However, EUBS and ECHM insist that all HBO Centers should follow the published Code of Good Practice in Hyperbaric Medicine as well as the Consensus Statement on the Approved Indications for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. As a minimum, HBO providers should declare that they acknowledge and implement these standards. The use of HBO for non-approved indications is considered not “good standards” unless part of a formal research protocol (listed in EudraCT and subjected to Ethical Committee Approval).

In case you have any additions, remarks or corrections, please send a mail to oxynet@eubs.org. Please do not forget to include your own name and contact info so we can contact you to complete the information !