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Scott Haldane Foundation, The Netherlands

The Scott Haldane Foundation (SHF) is an international institute for the training and education of diving medical examiners and diving medicine physicians. Founded in 1976 to spread diving medical know-how among physicians and to provide support for those wishing to attend international diving medical meetings, SHF also published a booklet about diving medicine and issued a magazine for a short period of time.
As from 2003, started with the development of regular courses in diving and hyperbaric medicine (DHM). In the past decade, over 2,000 physicians have participated in SHF courses. Though SHF’s origins lie in The Netherlands, courses have been run in more than 20 countries, from Honduras to Indonesia to Tanzania to Belgium. Among SHF Faculty are world-renowned specialists in diving medicine, from Australasia, USA and Europe.
The SHF courses also laid the fundamentals for a certification system for diving medical examiners and diving physicians in The Netherlands. Since 2011, SHF has been certified by the European College of Baromedicine as internationally accredited DHM course provider. All courses meet the EDTC/ECHM guidelines, and lead to certification as Medical Examiner of Divers (Level I) or Diving Medicine Physician (DMP) (Level IId). All programmes have a modular structure, allowing students to attain certification in several steps. Thanks to this modular design and the variation in how topics are presented, all courses also meet national (Dutch and Belgian) CME requirements.

Further to diving medicine courses, SHF also organizes internships for the DMP certification: the first in hyperbaric medicine and the second focusing on the various diving systems used in both recreational and professional diving. SHF is also involved in the organisation of international conferences in diving and hyperbaric medicine (TriContinental Meeting EUBS/SPUMS/SAUHMA, Ultrasound Course).

As from 2016 SHF is targeting more and more an international audience with courses worldwide.

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Course calendar 2020

– February 8, 2020: Refresher course “Organisation of the Diving Medical”; Utrecht, The Netherlands
– March 27-28, 2020: Base Course in Diving Medicine (Level I, Part 1); Zeist, The Netherlands
– April 2-4, 2020: Base Course in Diving Medicine (Level I, Part 2); Amsterdam, The Netherlands
– April 17-18, 2020: Advanced Course in Diving Medicine “Decompression, recompression, HBOt” (Level IId module); Brussels, Belgium
– May 9-16, 2020: Base Course in Diving Medicine (Level I, Part 2); Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
– June 12-13, 2020: Advanced Course in Diving Medicine “Diving and the Heart” (Level IId module); Driebergen, The Netherlands


Capita Selecta Duikgeneeskunde

The physiology and medicine of metabolic and inert gases in diving

Date: 30 November 2019. Venue: Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, NL.
More info: and Nico Schellart (n.a.

Interuniversity Diploma in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine, France

University Course (1 year duration) in diving and hyperbaric medicine, organised concurrently by 13 French universities (Angers, Antilles-Guyane, Besançon, Bordeaux II, Lille 2, Lyon II, La Réunion, Marseille, Nancy, Nice, Paris XIII, Strasbourg, Toulouse).
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German Society for Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (GTUEM)

An overview of basic and refresher courses in diving and hyperbaric medicine, endorsed by the GTUEM in Germany, can be found on