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2018 AUAS/DAN Diving Medicine Scholarship

May 20, 2018:

The AUAS/DAN Diving Medicine Research Scholarship was established by the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences with major support from Divers Alert Network (DAN) to encourage research on topics that expand our knowledge of human physiology in the marine environment.

Proposal submissions will be considered from individuals who possess: a. A PhD, MD, DO, or Master’s degree; b. Previous publications in the peer-reviewed literature; and, c. A record of interest and/or involvement with diving medical research. The award period is for a maximum of one year and may not exceed $10,000 in budget request.

You can find all information here.

Please contact Dr Michael A. Lang, PhD (Chairman, The DAN Foundation) for more details.


June 14, 2018:

The DAN Director of Injury Monitoring and Prevention will be responsible for monitoring the incidence and trends of dive injuries; studying causes of injuries; developing, evaluating and implementing preventive interventions and advising industry leaders regarding the prevention of dive injuries. Responsibilities include directing daily activities regarding incidence, injuries and fatalities data collection and exploring additional sources of data. The position, based in Durham, North Carolina, will require supporting DAN initiatives, publishing scientific papers, writing articles for lay publications and lecturing at scientific and professional conferences, dive shows and other public events for divers and related professionals.

To apply, send a letter and CV to  or Divers Alert Network Attn: HR/Personnel Department, 6 W. Colony Place, Durham, NC 27705. DAN is an equal opportunity employer.

Please find all information here.