International Symposium Diving Medicine, Eindhoven, The Netherlands @ Evoluon - International Symposium Diving Medicine, "Scott Haldane 40 years"
Jan 21 all-day

symposium-webThe “Scott Haldane Foundation 40 Years” International Diving Medicine Symposium is oriented towards diving medicine specialists, dive instructors and enthusiast divers, and will be featuring talks by renowned Diving Medicine specialists in Europe. It will give an overview of the historical concepts and recent advanced in diving physiology and pathology, focusing on accident prevention and management. This will be a full day symposium, organised in the prestigious conference facility of the Evoluon building, historical futuristic construction in the form of an UFO disc, located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Coffee and lunch is included in the participants’ registration fee. For more information and registration:

International Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine, Belgrade, Serbia @ Sava Centre congress, cultural and business centre
May 11 – May 14 all-day


The 19th ICHM Conference will take place in the beautiful city of Belgrade, and will provide a view of hyperbaric medicine “across all borders”. You can download the First Announcement from this link. More details and registration info can be found on; please already note the deadlines for Abstract Submission – January 10, 2017!

The 3rd International Conference on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and the Brain @ Yam Suf Hotel, Eilat
May 18 – May 20 all-day

Hosted by the Israeli Society for Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine (ISHDM)

The preliminary approved program includes the following topics:

  1. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI), Blast injuries, Decompression (DCS) brain injuries, and Post-concussion syndrome
  2. ‘Reverse aging’, Concepts and Results of HBOT use in novel, prospective, crossover clinical trials
  3. Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  4. Stroke (CVA) and Anoxic brain damage
  5. Chronic pain syndromes, Fibromyalgia

Abstracts submission deadline: January 15, 2017

– Scientific:
– Organization:
Website for further information, registration, and submission:

Download the Conference announcement here

SPUMS Annual Scientific Meeting 2017 @ Rama Candidasa Resort and Spa
May 21 – May 27 all-day

Theme: Commercial Diving, Medical Implications

Keynote Speaker: Dr Debbie Pestell

Topics include: Principles of Mixed Gas and Saturation Diving, Chronic Dysbaric Disorders: Long Term Health Effects, Medications and Diving, Fitness to Dive Standards, Assessment and Contraindications, Case Series, Lessons Learned

Other speakers include: A/Prof David Smart, Dr Neal Pollock, Dr Sarah Lockley, A/Prof Ian Gawthrope, Dr Martin Sayer and Dr Jurg Wendling

Workshop: Hands on diver-focused echocardiography
Run by: A/Prof Ian Gawthrope and Dr Neal Pollock

UHMS 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting @ Naples Grande Beach Resort
Jun 29 – Jul 1 all-day

The UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting’s primary goal is to provide a forum for professional scientific growth and development of the participants to improve knowledge and competence in order to further patient outcome. The meeting provides a basis for exchange of ideas, both scientific and practical, among physicians, researchers, and other health professionals. The UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting consists of abstract and poster presentations, plenary sessions, the annual Kindwall and Lambertsen Lectures, and other social events. There will be exhibits from a number of hyperbaric, diving and wound care vendors. The Annual Meeting also affords an opportunity for participants to meet and interact with past and present leaders of the Society and to become active in Society affairs.

Pre-course 1: Management of DCI in the Field and Development of Best Practice Guidelines by Expert Committee
Pre-course 2: Hyperbaric Oxygen Safety: Clinical and Technical Issues
Pre-course 3: How to Prepare for Accreditation

The Reimbursement Rollercoaster-Provider & Facility Update

43rd Annual Scientific Meeting of EUBS, Ravenna, Italy @ Palazzo dei Congressi Ravenna
Sep 13 – Sep 16 all-day

eubs_ravenne_2017Join us for our Annual Scientific Meeting, this year hosted by the Hyperbaric Centre and the University of Ravenna, Italy.
You can download the First Announcement from this link. All information is available on the Annual Meeting dedicated website:

MedSubHyp Scientific Study Day (in French) @ Amphithéâtre Rouvillois, Ecole du Val de Grâce - Service de Santé des Armées
Mar 17 all-day

A l’occasion du cinquetanaire de Medsubhyp, l’équipe du Pr Jean Eric Blatteau organise le 17 mars 2018 la réunion scientifique de printemps au Val de Grâce sur les thèmes “des sociétés savantes francophones de médecine hyperbare” et de “l’histoire de la médecine de la plongée, l’actualité en terme de recherche et l’analyse d’accidents graves”.

Vous pouvez télécharger le programme et le bulletin d’inscription via ce lien.

DCI Study Day @ Hull Royal Infirmary
Apr 14 all-day

Training and professional development opportunities for hyperbaric staff, especially in diving medicine are rare, for both doctors and operations managers with responsibility for such events. We are planning a “diving medicine” day in Hull on the 14 April at the medical education centre lecture theatre. The day is simply called DCI study day “Optimising Outcomes”.

We plan to use actual case history with speakers from Norway, Holland, Germany and the UK as a teaching and review opportunity to “optimising outcomes”.

Presentations include: iatrogenic gas embolism and its management; and a series of three presentation: DCI- is there a role for Lignocaine? Steroids? Lumbar drain? Other presentation are included to help professionally develop attendees, with topics such as: Submarine escapee triage and management and hydrogen diving to 500+msw.

1st RIJEKA Symposium on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy @ Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka, Location Sušak
Apr 21 all-day

Information and Abstracts: download here.

Baltic International Symposium on Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine @ Hotel Nadmorsky
May 31 – Jun 2 all-day

The first Baltic International Symposium on Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine will take place in
Gdynia, Poland, from 31st May to 2nd June 2018. Specifically aimed at professionals in the field, it
will provide advanced and up-to- date knowledge, in the form of two days of lectures on Diving &
Hyperbaric Medicine with pre-symposium workshops. Lectures will be given by carefully chosen
experts in the field, many of whom are EUBS members and executives. The National Centre for
Hyperbaric Medicine in Gdynia is responsible for preparation of the scientific program. The

The symposium will be held in the Hotel Nadmorski, located in one of the most spectacular places in
Gdynia, Poland, just at the sea-side of the Baltic Sea.