Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the elected officers of the Society, the two most recent past presidents, and three members-at-large elected by the EUBS members to serve in overlapping three year terms. The President of the Society shall take the chair of the Executive Committee and the honorary Secretary shall also act as Secretary of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall represent the Society in the conduct of all scientific and business affairs of the Society subject to the applicable provisions of the Bylaws.

In other words: these people are there to help you, and make the EUBS an efficient scientific society.

The 2017-2018 EUBS Executive Committee:

President : , Gdansk, Poland
Vice President : , Copenhagen, Denmark
Immediate Past President : Costantino Balestra, Brussels, Belgium
Past President : Peter Germonpre, Brussels, Belgium
Honorary Secretary : Peter Germonpre, Brussels, Belgium
Membership Secretary : Kathleen Pye, Orkney, UK
Treasurer : Kathleen Pye, Orkney, UK
Member at Large 2015 : Karin Hasmiller, Murnau, Germany
Member at Large 2016 : Bengusu Mirasoglu, Istanbul, Turkey
Member at Large 2017 : Rodrigue Pignel, Geneva, Switzerland
EUBS Liaison Committee : Phil Bryson, Plymouth, UK
European Editor, Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine : Lesley Blogg, Kirkby Stephen, UK
Webmaster : Peter Germonpre, Brussels, Belgium