EUBS Elections 2017

According to the EUBS Constitution and Bylaws, it is time to elect a new Member-at-Large. All regular EUBS members  will receive an Online Ballot Sheet by e-mail, which must be filled in and submitted before August 12 (30 days before the EUBS Annual Meeting).

EUBS Elections for Member-at-Large 2017 candidate:

Rodrigue PIGNEL

Rodrigue Pignel graduated in diving and hyperbaric medicine in 1995, and worked for 15 years in the Hyperbaric Centre in Martinique (French Antilles), before returning to Europe. He is the Medical Director of the hyperbaric centre and consultation at the University Hospital in Geneva. He is a member of EUBS since 2010.

He was the organiser of the very successful 2016 EUBS Annual Scientific Meeting in Geneva.

You can download his CV from this link.


All EUBS members in good standing will receive a Ballot Sheet email containing the mini CV and picture of candidates by July 15th, 2017. Please make sure your e-mail address on file is correct, if needed, check your data by logging in on the EUBS website.
As the Ballot Sheet may occasionally be blocked by a (company or institution) Firewall, it may be advisable to change your e-mail into your personal e-mail address. If you have not received the Ballot Sheet e-mail by July 31st, please contact the EUBS Secretary (