EUBS ExCom Elections 2020

According to the EUBS Constitution and Bylaws, it is time to elect a new Member-at-Large. All regular EUBS members  will receive an “Invitation to Vote” by e-mail; voting must be done before August 15 (30 days before the EUBS Annual General Meeting).

EUBS Elections for Member at Large 2020 candidates:



Oscar is a Senior Anesthesiologist and Medical Director of the Hyperbaric Medical Unit at the Hospital Pedro Hispano, Matosinhos, Portugal. He is the Founder and President of the Portuguese Hyperbaric and Subaquatic Medical College, and Medical Director of DAN Europe Portugal since 2009.

Aside from Hyperbaric Medicine, his clinical work involves work in the ICU and Emergency Room, including pre-hospital medical care and helicopter emergency critical transport. He is active in academic work as an Invited Lecturer in Medical Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Therapeutics and Medical Physiology Departments at the University of Porto Faculty of Medicine and Institute of Biomedical Sciences.

He is a member of EUBS since more than 10 years; Executive Board member of ECHM (European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine), of the European Resuscitation Council (instructor) and various Portuguese Medical Societies.

He has authored 2 “first-author” and 14 “co-authored” peer-reviewed scientific publications, numerous oral and poster presentations in the field of diving and hyperbaric medicine, and 2 book chapters.

He is an experienced diver (CMAS Level 3 Instructor, SSI Instructor, TDI Instructor including Basic Trimix, Rebreather, Advanced Gas Blender), and DAN Europe Instructor Trainer. He will be the organiser and Secretary General of the 2022 EUBS Annual Scientific Meeting, to be held in Porto.

You can download his CV from this link.

Rodrigue PIGNEL

Rodrigue (“Rod”) was born in 1966.
He graduated in underwater and hyperbaric medicine in 1995, he worked until 2010 at the hyperbaric centre of Martinique (French Antilles). He then joined the University Hospitals of Geneva’s new hyperbaric medicine consultation, of which he became medical director in 2012.

Within the University of Geneva, he and his team created the first Swiss university education in hyperbaric medicine, according to the ECHM/EDTC curriculum (as a “Certificate of Advanced Studies”). In 2020, they will start their 4th Promotion. They also crested training for hyperbaric technicians and nurses. They initiated hyperbaric research on wound healing, diving decompression, frostbite …

In 2016, he and his team were in charge the medical assistance of deep saturation dives (13 ATA) on a dam at high altitude (1800m). It is probably a European record because of depth and altitude. They have had to manage emergency evacuation procedures and teach all the team to be prepared to emergency medical actions under high pressure.

Rodrigue is a member of EUBS since 2010, after coming back to Europe. He was the organiser of the 42nd EUBS Annual Scientific Meeting, in Geneva, 2016. He is Member at Large since 2017. Since 2 years, he is in charge of the Oxynet website Update

He is also member of the ExCom of the French hyperbaric medicine society (MedSubHyp) and member of the educational committee of the Swiss Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine Society (SUHMS). He created in 2018 the ICHF (Association Internationale des Centres Hyperbares Francophones).

He is a dive instructor since 1993, qualified in nitrox and rebreather diving. Two years ago, he passed the level IIIC hyperbaric qualification, which allows him to direct and perform saturation dives.

You can download his CV from this link.

All EUBS members in good standing will receive a “Invitation to Vote” email (sent by “”) containing the mini CV and picture of candidates; simply click on the link in the e-mail (yes it’s safe) and you will be taken immediately to the voting ballot. Please make sure your e-mail address on file is correct, if needed, check your data by logging in on the EUBS website.
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