EUBS ExCom Elections 2019

According to the EUBS Constitution and Bylaws, it is time to elect a new Member-at-Large. All regular EUBS members  will receive an “Invitation to Vote” by e-mail; voting must be done before August 12 (30 days before the EUBS Annual Meeting).

EUBS Elections for Member at Large 2019 candidates:

Gerardo BOSCO
is an Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Padova, Italy. He started diving as a 23-year old medical student and immediately became interested in environmental physiology. In 1997, he obtained his medical school degree with a thesis on the functional evaluation of combat divers with the Italian Navy Special Forces. During a residency in underwater and hyperbaric medicine, he participated in a experimental high-altitude diving project, evaluating the different degrees of post-immersion platelet activation in an iced lake on Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc). He then spent several years in Syracuse, USA and worked on ischemia-reperfusion (his PhD thesis) and human metabolism in extreme environments.

Back in Italy, in 2011 he founded the ‘Hyperbaric School of Padua” at the University of Padova, offering a Level II course for diving  and hyperbaric medicine and a High Course in technical and health management for hyperbaric technicians and nurses. Gerardo (“Dino”) was elected Vice-President for UHMS from 2016-2018.

You can download his CV from this link.

is a scientist and lecturer at the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the Medical Faculty, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. After obtaining this PhD as a sports physiologist-kinanthropologist, he graduated in 2007 as a MSc in Natural Sciences at the Bratislava University in Slovakia. During this period he obtained a Host Fellowship in diving physiology and neurophysiology in Göttingen, Germany. From 2012-2014, he was a Fellow at the Environmental Physiology Lab of the ISEK in Brussels as part of PHYPODE (European Commission Marie Curie Project).

He currently also serves as executive manager and researcher at DNB Consult, Slovakia, performing research in environmental physiology; and is the DAN Europe representative for Slovakia. He has authored and co-authored a number of research paper in diving medicine and was co-editor of the book “The Science of Diving – Things your instructor never told you …” in 2014.

Miro is a CMAS M2 SCUBA diving instructor, DAN Europe DFR Instructor and TDI/SDI (Technical) Diving instructor.

You can download his CV from this link.

Akin Savas TOKLU
is a Professor at the Department of Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine, Istanbul Medical Faculty, Turkey. He became a specialist in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine in 1997 and since, practiced as a consultant on diving medicine and has served as medical advisor for numerous underwater projects. He currently is medical Director of DAN Turkey. Dr. Toklu has been a member of the European Diving Technology Committee representing Turkey and he has been in charge of EDTC Secretariat for 7 years. He has been director of Medical Commission of Turkish Underwater Sports Federations for more than ten years.

He has published extensively in English and Turkish and participated in many scientific meetings as invited speaker. He has been a SCUBA diver for over 25 years and currently he is a CMAS Three Star Instructor. He speaks English and Turkish. He is married and has a daughter.

You can download his CV from this link.

All EUBS members in good standing will receive a “Invitation to Vote” email (sent by “”) containing the mini CV and picture of candidates; simply click on the link in the e-mail (yes it’s safe) and you will be taken immediately to the voting ballot. Please make sure your e-mail address on file is correct, if needed, check your data by logging in on the EUBS website.
As the Ballot e-mail may occasionally be considered spam, or be blocked by a (company or institution) Firewall, please check also your spam mailbox. If you have not received the Ballot Sheet e-mail by July 31st, please contact the EUBS Secretary (