Over the past few years, it has become evident that research and education in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine is of paramount importance, not only to increase our scientific knowledge, but also to increase the acceptance of the therapeutic modality "hyperbaric oxygenation" in this era of EBM.
Therefore, on this page, you will find announcements of ongoing (enrolling participating centers) research projects, as well as courses and events.
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Ongoing research projects
planned or seeking to enroll investigators


European Meetings and Courses

Scott Haldane Foundation, The Netherlands

The Scott Haldane Foundation (SHF) is an international institute for the training and education of diving medical examiners and diving medicine physicians.
It was founded in 1976 to spread diving medical know-how among physicians and to provide support for those wishing to attend international diving medical meetings. In those old days, SHF also published a booklet about diving medicine and issued a magazine for a short period of time.
After hibernating for a while, in 2003 a revived SHF started to develop regular courses in diving and hyperbaric medicine (DHM). In the past decade, over 2,000 physicians have participated in SHF courses. Though SHF’s origins lie in The Netherlands, courses have been run in more than 20 countries, from Honduras to Indonesia and Tanzania to Belgium. The SHF faculties consist of world-renowned specialists in diving medicine, from Australasia, the USA and Europe.
The SHF courses also laid the fundamentals for a certification system in The Netherlands for diving medical examiners and diving physicians. Since 2011, SHF has been certified by the European College of Baromedicine as providing internationally accredited courses in DHM. All courses meet EDTC/ECHM guidelines, leading to certification as Medical Examiner of Divers (level 1) or Diving Medicine Physician (DMP) (level 2d). The programmes have a modular structure allowing students to attain certification in several steps. Thanks to this modular design and the varied topics, the courses also meet CME requirements.
As well as the diving medicine courses, SHF also organizes two internships for the DMP certification. The first is in hyperbaric medicine and the second focuses on the various diving systems used in both recreational and professional diving. SHF is also involved in the organisation of international conferences in DHM, aong others the very successful first Tricontinental conference on Réunion Island in September 2013 for the EUBS, SPUMS and SAUHMA.
To learn more about the SHF courses and activities, please visit: www.scotthaldane.org.

Course calendar 2015

24 January 2015: Refresher course - ENT and diving (Leeuwarden, The Netherlands)
07-15 March 2015: In-Depth Course - HBOT and Decompression (Manado, Indonesia)
11 & 17 April 2015:
Basic course (ECHM-EDTC Level I Med. exam. of divers) Part 1 (Loosdrecht, The Netherlands)
18, 24 & 25 April 2015: Basic course (ECHM-EDTC Level I Med. exam. of divers) Part II (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
16-23 May 2015: Basic course (ECHM-EDTC Level I Med. exam. of divers) Part II (Oman)
12-13 June 2015: In-depth course : Diving Medicine in Case Reports (Loosdrecht, The Netherlands)
25-26 August 2015: International Meeting on Ultrasound for Diving Research(Karlskrona, Sweden)

International (EDTC-ECHM Level IId) Diving Medicine Physician Course, jointly organised by the Swiss Society for Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (SUHMS), Hyperbaric Medical Center Sharm and Austrian Society for Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (OeGUHM)

Hotel Sharks Bay Umbi Diving Village, Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt
18 April to 2 May 2015
More info on the SUHMS and OeGUHM websites or download the flyer here.


Stichting Duik Research, The Netherlands

The medical school of the AMC offers advanced courses and master classes in diving medicine. The organization is executed by the Foundation of Dive Research (Stichting Duik Research, SDR). Low budget one-day-courses are given in the AMC, Amsterdam and one-week-courses abroad.

29 Nov 2014: Apnea Diving
07 Feb 2015: The Metabolic Gases O2 and CO2 in diving
18-25 Apr 2015: De duikkeuring (Bonaire)

More information on www.diveresearch.org.


Interuniversity Diploma in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine, France

University Course (1 year duration) in diving and hyperbaric medicine, organised concurrently by 13 French universities (Angers, Antilles-Guyane, Besançon, Bordeaux II, Lille 2, Lyon II, La Réunion, Marseille, Nancy, Nice, Paris XIII, Strasbourg, Toulouse).
Information on www.medsubhyp.com and http://medecine.univ-lille2.fr/fileadmin/formations/diu/hyperbar.pdf


German Society for Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (GTUEM)

An overview of basic and refresher courses in diving and hyperbaric medicine, endorsed by the GTUEM in Germany, can be found on http://www.gtuem.org/212/Kurse_/_Termine/Kurse.html


Other events & announcements

International Meeting on Ultrasound for Diving Research - Ultrasound 2105

Dates: 25 - 26th August 2015
Venue: The Swedish Armed Forces Diving and Naval Medical Centre (DNC), Karlskrona, Sweden.

This inaugural meeting will bring together experts in the field of diving and decompression physiology to discuss and educate on the use of ultrasound in assessing the stress caused by decompression and the associated risk of decompression sickness (DCS). The meeting will include a methodology consensus discussion and hands-on workshops. The workshop is part of the Scott Haldane CME programme for Medical Examiners of Divers (ECHM level 1) and Diving Medicine Physicians (ECHM level 2d) accredited by the European College of Baromedicine.
Speakers include: Ron Nishi, Alf Brubakk, Neal Pollock, Jay Buckey and Mikael Gennser.

Meeting organised by Lesley Blogg (SLB Consulting) and Andreas Mollerlokken (NTNU Norway).
For more information, please visit: ultrasound2015.wix.com/ultrasound2015
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ultrasound2015
Email: ultrasound2015@yahoo.co.uk

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