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Welcome to the website of the European Underwater and Baromedical Society !

Our message of solidarity with the people of Ukraine has been moved to the sidebar posts, and will remain on top until this conflict has been resolved peacefully. 

The EUBS is the European scientific society dedicated to the study and promotion of diving and hyperbaric medicine, a fascinating but all too little known field of medicine.
This website is intended to provide you with information on the goals and activities of our Society. You will find information on our Annual Scientific Meeting, as well as reprints of the Society’s Journal. This site is updated on a regular basis, so check it out from time to time.

  • 47th Annual Scientific Meeting of EUBS: After our first post-COVID EUBS Annual Scientific Meeting in Prague in 2022, we are keen to resume our previous routine of having a face-to-face meeting in a different European city every year. The EUBS 2023 conference is scheduled for 13–16 September 2023, in the beautiful seaside city of Porto (Oporto), Portugal.The local organising committee, chaired by Dr Oscar Camacho of the Matosinhos Hyperbaric Unit and Chairman of the Portuguese Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine College, is preparing an exciting scientific and social programme. At this time we do not plan to stream the conference online: we feel that in our professional community, there is a major benefit from meeting in person, both during lectures, discussions, in and outside the meeting room and during social events.Registration and Abstract Submission are open now, so please visit the conference website and book your EUBS annual meeting experience as soon as possible. Early bird rates are available until April 15th.  Your colleagues and friends will be waiting for you !
  • The March 2023 issue of DHM has been published, and is accessible to all EUBS members. For instructions on how to access the Journal, please see here.
    Those EUBS members that have selected a membership with Print Service will receive a properly printed paper copy in their mailbox within the next 2 weeks.
    Meanwhile, this Vol53 No 1 issue of DHM is immediately available for on-screen reading and downloading in PDF format in your Members Area !

  • NEW: ECHM-EUBS Joint Position Statement: The EUBS, together with the European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine (ECHM) have issued a Position Statement on the use of so-called ‘low-pressure hyperbaric chambers’ in humans. This statement can be downloaded here. All Position Statements and recommendations are collected on the “Endorsed docs and guidelines” page of this website.
  • EUBS membership: Please see the Membership Application page. You can renew online by accessing your membership pages from this website, for at least one year after your “drop out”. If you cannot access your membership pages (anymore) to renew, please send us an e-mail, we’ll be happy to restore your account.
  • Events, courses and announcements: check out our Courses and Events page for updated information and new events. All info and links can be found here !

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