DHM Journal

Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine
The Journal of EUBS and SPUMS


At the EUBS 2007 General Assembly, it was decided that from 2008 on, the EUBS Newsletter journal, EJUHM would merge with the SPUMS Journal to form the Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (DHM) Journal. The Journal is indexed in Medline, Embase and SCIE (Thompson Reuters) and as from 2010, has a yearly revised Impact Factor (IF). It is also available through PubMed Central (see below).

From 2018 on, the DHM Journal will be exclusively published in an electronic form, and will be placed on the DHM Website only. Journal issues older than 12 months are freely accessible, however, the 4 most recent issues are only accessible to EUBS and SPUMS members.

Access is easy. Please log in to the EUBS website with your Username and Password as a Member, then go to “Access to the DHM Journal”, then Click on “here”.

There are clear instructions on accessing embargoed issues which are restricted to the exclusive use of society members only.

DHM on-line has been set up in as flexible manner as possible. You can

  • Read the journal on line on any smart devices/computers using a magazine-type user interface (including magnifying and scrolling);
  • Download a pdf and save it to file in its entirety so it can also be read in pdf format instead of web-based format (you cannot extract pages from this pdf version, only from the on-line version);
  • Select specific articles from the on-line version for either saving to file or printing;
  • Print the saved-to-device version in its entirety for personal use;
  • Select any web or email address and DOI, PMID and PMCID numbers listed in references − these are all now active hyperlinks.

There are many other items and links to explore on the DHM website. The entire collection of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine back to 1971 (with individual articles to download !)  is now available on the site.