EUBS committees

  1. Liaison Committee: This committee is tasked to establish and maintain contacts with other organisations (Affiliate and others), and to advise the Executive Committee of matters arising from these contacts. Chairman of this Committee : Phil Bryson
  2. Research & Education Committee: This committee will propose educational activities in the field of diving and hyperbaric medicine research (e.g workshops and special sessions during EUBS Meetings). It will also evaluate the applications for Travel Grants and Research Grants. Chairman of this Committee: Costantino Balestra. Members : Kate Lambrechts, Jean-Eric Blatteau, Karin Hasmiller
  3. Publications Committee: This Committee is tasked with selecting and editing EUBS endorsed guidelines and position statements, which will be placed on the EUBS Website after approval by the ExCom. This activity may also involve setting up and moderating working groups in order to prepare such position statements and guidelines. Chairman : Pierre Lafère
  4. Journal Governance Committee: This Committee has been set up in 2014 to advise the ExComs of EUBS and SPUMS on financial and business-strategic matters regarding the publication of the Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal. EUBS representatives in this Committee : Phil Bryson, Karin Hasmiller