Meetings & Conferences

After our first post-COVID EUBS Annual Scientific Meeting in Prague in 2022, we are keen to resume our previous routine of having a face-to-face meeting in a different European city every year.
The EUBS 2023 conference is scheduled for 13–16 September 2023, in the beautiful seaside city of Porto (Oporto), Portugal.

The local organising committee, chaired by Dr Oscar Camacho of the Matosinhos Hyperbaric Unit and Chairman of the Portuguese Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine College, is preparing an exciting scientific and social programme. At this time we do not plan to stream the conference online, we feel that in our professional community, there is a major benefit from meeting in person, both during lectures, discussions, in and outside the meeting room and during social events.

Registrations and abstract submissions are open now, so please visit the dedicated conference website and book your EUBS annual meeting experience as soon as possible. Your colleagues and friends will be waiting for you.

Previous Meetings:

A full overview of all EUBS Presidents, Members at Large, Annual Meeting locations, dates and Secretary Generals can be found here, thanks to Jacek Kot, Hans Ornhagen and Peter Germonpre.